Building Engagement & Driving Sales

Welcome to Kervin Marketing

We place your business in front of prospective buyers who are actively searching for your products or services, so your business can build engagement and drive sales.

Why You Should Choose Kervin Marketing:

Our websites detect the size of the users screen and automatically adjust to provide the best viewing experience on any device from a phone to a TV.
We keep unnecessary information to a minimum, so that every page on your website is focused on one main message with no distractions for the consumer. We minimize the number of clicks required for a visitor to find the information they want, increasing leads and conversions.
We use larger font sizes to reduce eye strain and help consumers with visual impairments find the information they want on your website. Visitors find what they want with minimal clicks. We use "click to call" technology for visitors on mobile phones and back to top button at the bottom of each page increase user friendly experience.
Our websites are built from the ground up to give you excellent placement in the search engines for the search terms relevant to your business so that customers looking for your products or services see your business in a prime search result position.
Website visitors have short attention spans, often deciding within seconds to stay or go. We use HD video commercials and animated image slideshows to capture the attention of visitors and draw them in deeper to the website, increasing lead generation.
By prompting your website visitors to complete a specific action, like clicking to call or email, or to sign up for a newsletter, or to buy now; they are more compelled to become a qualified lead which increases conversions.
Most of our work is billed at a flat rate based on the size of the project, instead of an hourly fee. This provides our clients with peace of mind that their project costs will not balloon out of control. Our flexible billing options allow even smaller businesses to have a cutting edge, professional web presence.
Rather than trying to impress you with tech talk, we explain things in plain english in a way you can understand.